We’re always looking for passionate, knowledgeable, and all around great people who specialize in Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Education and more!

Work and Life Balance

We love our people, and so are your loved ones.  We strive for an efficient work environment in order to achieve a balance between work and personal goals.   At ThinkOffshoreNow, we have fun-filled activities throughout the year so work life never becomes dull.em.

Advancement Opportunities

Our work employment comes with a regular performance review assessment. Excellent performers are rewarded and achievers are provided a great career opportunity.

Further, we focus on our strengths and improve on our weaknesses.  Everyone is an important part of our overall achievement.  We value team spirit and professionalism.

Competitive Compensation

We offer our people a competitive compensation and benefits package. Great performers are even rewarded more!

The Perks!

Free Coffee

Oh common, we would not fall asleep in front of our clients coz we have free stuff to drink!

Vacation Time

What a great time to relax with Vacation leaves.  However, if you cannot use them, unused vacation leaves are convertible to cash!

Your Career Options!

We have lots of opportunities in almost any field

Finance and Accounting

Finance, Accounting, and Audit professionals, Banking, Business Administration, Paraplanners, Financial Advisors.

Sales, Marketing and Business Development

Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Telesales.

Information Technology

Computer programmers, Mobile Application Developers, Web designers and developers, Hardware Technical Support, Online Technical Support, Customer Support Representatives, IT Help Desk.

Human Resources, Recruitment and Payroll

Human Resources, Recruitment, Payroll and Compensation and Benefits Specialists

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer service and technical support call center agents, online chat support, email support, voice support

Health, Medical, Insurance

Nurses, Pharmacists, Claims Processing, Medical Transcribers

Architecture, Design, Engineering

Architects, CAD experts, Design, Civil Engineers

Legal, Paralegal

Legal Management, Lawyers, Paralegal, Contract Reviewers


Executive Assistants, Virtual Executive Assistants, Encoders, Facilities Administration

Who We are Looking For

Our Staff



Our clients are happy with our good customer service skills



We value team work, effective communication and professionalism


Positive Work Attitude

Our positivity is contagious!


Good Design Goes to Heaven, Bad Design Goes Everywhere

Mieke Gerritzen

Creativity isn’t worth a thing if it isn’t served with an equal amount of reliability.